Tea and Cookies

a conversation with dane

You want me to tell you what happened? These are good cookies. Ok, well the rest of The Rescuers were telling me about the running they did and how the elves of Laether said <in> The Dark Lord of Fear would fuel the Hunt with the fear of the Victims in his lair; that he also fed on. Gurney knocked on the House Griffon door and told us, The Rescuers and Wesley and Wanda, to meet up at the headmasters office. Argent was there and sent us off to meet Angus, that beefy polearm guy. We were given posts and listened in on the politics.

King Gabriel wanted to join up to defeat the incoming horde, but Willhuff shot him down in a petty, my lion is better than your lambs and sheep kind of way. Gabriel, wait can I call him that? Yes I know his brother, Gabriel said the Allezarian and the Elves told him to unite the kingdoms and with that nominates King Cassegrain, that guy from Shorkyne. He say not today Gabe, you should do it. He says sure and the dude from Trierzon, yeah Dagon, says no I am the true king. True lineage and all that.

Then we start hearing stuff in the other room and Kethra goes all hound. No, like turns into a hound and checks it out. I get the signal and head for the door. So now 7 large rats, a woman rat (I swear it was Wanda) and a fierce, relentless, undying swarm of large rats engage us!

Bernard fought back the swarm of giant rats bravely and stood in the doorway so they couldn’t get to us! Kethra and I kept range and high ground in the balconies as Allcera and Whurel kept them on the the lower floor by blocking the stairs.

Bernard, after driving off the swarm of enormous rats, bravely faced the woman rat all alone while Whurel sped around to keep her from escaping. Bernard slayed her and she turned back into Minerva, not Wanda! Thank The Wild One! After, Bernard finished checking rooms for humongous rat swarm and thankfully found none.

So we let the beefcake know we were done and they called off the meeting and called in the guard. As they passed we saw Casio and went back to say hi. He seemed angry. Then we ate and came here, I met some ladies and had, oh right, you know that part. Can I have more tea?


O shit! Willhuff is Tarken Tarken. Did you read the book? So good.

Tea and Cookies

Haven’t read the book – just stealing the character…sort of :-)

Tea and Cookies

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