At the dinner table one night...

While feasting on the nightly repast Bernard clears his throat. "So uh I have some rather important news for you all. You all know I have been spending a few days in the library with Mother Alice searching for the history and truths of the Knights Warden. She found the Wardens Record to be of exemplary use. It turns out the Dark Lord of Fear, or DLF (he pronounces it DILF) was an undead of some sort that tortured beings to insanity and fed on their fear, over 1000 years ago. The Record shows that the Knights Wardens along with the Knights Shield and Knights Guardians ended his threat to the realm at the cost of their lives. The Wardens lost the most and the Record shows they just faded away in a few years.

He gives his four compatriots a knowing look.

“And now this DiLF has returned to terrorize the land again! I invite you all to join me as I quest for the strength of Arms and Magic to defeat this unspeakable evil. This wont be a short path nor an easy one. But by the LIGHT itself I swear I shall be this monstrosity’s undoing!!” He bangs a fist for emphasis on the table, then clears his throat once more

“So uh, any thoughts on the matter?”


DiLF, dude I’d like to fraternize with?

At the dinner table one night...

apparantly if you use () around something it makes that something a hover text(likethis, I think)

At the dinner table one night...

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