Lorin is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Homebrew Campaign Setting.

It represents a ‘kitchen sink’ style fantasy environment ranging from low fantasy to possibly reaching epic adventure. The general leaning is towards all the best clich├ęs and tropes of D&D, originally intended for new players. Characters can count on meeting in a tavern, saving the princess and facing the fire breathing dragon. However, beyond this, there’s political intrigue and secret workings afoot. Scratch the princess and you may find she is herself a dragon in disguise. The tavern might be a den of thieves. The deeper a character looks, the more they will find.

The campaign takes place among four young kingdoms to the west that have recently gained their freedom from the dominating empire to the east. The kingdoms find themselves trying to organize a unified defense against the growing orcish horde forming in the badlands to the north.

Some assumptions:

The world, at least this part, is human-centric. Most of the political power lies with human kingdoms. Players should expect most characters to be human, with dwarves, elves and halflings being present but less common. Half-orcs and other races exist and in many places are treated with suspicion and at times bigotry. Players who want to play exotic races should realize they will be treated differently.

Player characters are expected to be HEROES in this game – not villains, not murder hobos. There’s nothing wrong with playing an anti-hero or scoundrel – but it’s not this game. Player characters should be some form of Good, or at least not-evil. Chaotic-neutral will have to be discussed as in practice it tends to drive towards murder-hobo’ism.



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